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Defining a Dental Emergency During Covid-19

When you’re dealing with a dental problem, your dentist should be your first call. But what if you encounter a problem on a holiday, weekend, or in the middle of
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How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy During Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic has created enormous stress and disrupted many of our daily habits and routines for health and wellness. How to take care of your teeth during COVID-19 and
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How Diet Affects Your Teeth

Prevent periodontal disease and keep your mouth and teeth healthy with the right diet. You’ve probably heard the saying that the mouth is a window into the whole body. Diseases
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8 Foods That Fight Bad Breath!

Whether you’ve got a first date or a big job interview, bad breath — or “halitosis,” if you want to get fancy — can make quite a bad impression. Fortunately,
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