The Growing Benefits of Teledentistry

Teledentistry services have grown tremendously

In the last few years, with millions of patients and dentists taking advantage of this evolving service. Teledentistry, or sometimes referred to as “Virtual Dentistry” or even “Online Dental Care,” gives patients the ability to receive dental consultation, select dental treatments, and oral health care support remotely– any time, and anywhere.

During COVID-19, Teledentistry has allowed patients to speak with and see a dentist without risking exposure to the virus by traveling to an in-person office. Dentists across the world are using Teledentistry to reach patients with dental problems and decide whether a face-to-face dental appointment is needed, allowing flexibility depending on the problem.

It provides convenience for patients

Perhaps the most significant benefit the millions using Teledentistry– is the convenience it offers. Talking to a dentist from your hometown or from other remote locations is a HUGE time-saver for many patients. Dental professionals from anywhere in the world can address many questions and concerns without the need for an in-person visit.

Virtual dentists can provide:

  • Introduction or interview with a new dental practice or dentist.
  • Monitoring and checkup to assess the progress of past dental treatments.
  • Feedback regarding ongoing oral care routines that you are partaking.
  • Answering questions about pain or other dental issues that could result in treatment.
  • Be able to have the opportunity to assess a dental emergency almost right away.

With remote visits, patients don’t waste time traveling to the office and waiting for routine procedures. And with fewer patients in the office, dentists are freed up to be more flexible with scheduling in-person appointments that do require an office visit. This type of flexibility means that even if you need to go into the dental office, you will have an easier time getting an appointment that fits your schedule!

It can lower health care costs for dental patients

Teledentistry has also been shown to reduce the overall cost of care. Affordable dental care is something nearly every patient is looking for, especially as healthcare costs overall continue to rise.

In many cases, virtual dental visits are cheaper than a visit to the dentist’s office. They also help patients keep up with their preventative care, which means less severe and costly procedures. Most serious oral issues are preventable, and regular check-ins with your dentist can help prevent or minimize these issues. Dental surgery can get very expensive, so maintaining a regular check-up schedule is key to keeping costs low.

Easier access to online dental professionals

Teledentistry also makes it possible to get advice from dental professionals that may have otherwise been unobtainable. Access to experts means things such as getting a second opinion from an expert is easier than ever before. Patients aren’t as limited by geography and can seek advice that would otherwise be out of reach. This means that a professional dentist that lives across the world can get a hold of you. OR if you went on a holiday and are away from your hometown!

For those who work non-standard hours, this is also very important. Access to medical professionals is no longer constrained by time, so scheduling before or after traditional office hours is a real possibility.

Patients have easier access to emergency services

Another huge advantage for patients is more available access to care and consultation in the event of a dental emergency. When an emergency happens, many people’s first instinct is to panic. In some cases, they might miss essential steps for the best possible outcome, or underestimate how serious the issue is. In either case, Teledentistry services can help get patients the medical advice they need — immediately, and without having to visit the ER.

Teledentistry has a multitude of benefits

It’s easy to see that the benefits of Teledentistry are numerous and very attractive to patients in this growing virtual dental world. As more people begin taking advantage of Teledentistry offerings and discovering its ability to not only save time but also money, the movement is certainly likely to grow.

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