Enamel Developments Ltd. (DBA – Dentist on Demand)

Dear Client,

We are delighted to provide you with the professional services outlined in the selected subscription level (tier) description. This letter serves to confirm our mutual understanding of the terms, objectives, and limitations of our engagement. The terms laid out in this letter will govern our relationship.

Scope and Output of Services

You have engaged Dentist on Demand, a division of Enamel Developments Ltd., to maintain the scope of services detailed and as per the selected subscription details. All journal entries, transaction classifications, and account codes determined or changed by our firm will be subject to your review and approval. We commit to performing only the specified services at the designated intervals for this engagement.

Additional Services

Only the services listed in the selected subscription schedule(s) are included within the scope of our instructions. Should you require additional work not listed in the schedule, we will provide a quotation before commencing any such work. Upon agreement of the scope of additional work, we will issue an updated engagement letter via our online proposal system for your review and signature.

Period of Engagement

This engagement commences upon receipt of the initial payment to Dentist on Demand and remains valid until mutually terminated or superseded by a subsequent engagement. Requests to address earlier periods will be entertained only upon mutual agreement. Either party may vary or terminate this agreement at any time – after any minimum commitments have been met – with written notice.

While we endeavor to complete the engagement within agreed time frames, we shall not be liable for failures or delays arising from causes beyond our control, including untimely performance by your practice.


Services may be billed at a fixed monthly rate, fee per project, or an hourly billing rate, as specified herein. In instances where a fixed rate quote is impractical, we will provide an hourly rate for project work. For hourly rate projects, we will inform you of the time utilized before issuing the final bill. Our fees include direct out-of-pocket expenses and applicable sales tax and are due upon rendering.

Invoicing and Payment

As a subscription-based service, we will initiate our service once the first month’s payment is collected via credit card.  We will charge your credit card as per the selected subscription level at the beginning of every month.  Fee arrangements for service extensions will be discussed at the time of request. Plan implementation, monitoring, and updates, if required, constitute separate engagements and will be billed accordingly.

We reserve the right to suspend our services or terminate the engagement in the event of delinquent invoices. You agree to reimburse us for collection costs, including legal fees, should collection action be necessary.


Either party may terminate this relationship with reasonable notice (after one year term has expired), except where prohibited by applicable laws or professional conduct rules. Upon termination, Dentist on Demand will issue a final invoice for services rendered up to the termination date. For fixed fee engagements terminated prematurely, we reserve the right to charge for completed work at a fair rate.

Confirmation of Terms

Please review and digitally sign this letter below to confirm your understanding of the terms outlined. This agreement will remain effective for future years unless notified otherwise.

Yours sincerely,

Enamel Developments Ltd. (DBA – Dentist on Demand)

Acknowledgment of Terms of Engagement

By clicking “Accept” below, I confirm that I have the authority to contract on behalf of the client. I hereby agree to the terms of engagement of Dentist on Demand as outlined in this letter of engagement.